Calm Before the Storm

I am about to become a crazy person.

If you know me personally, you know that I am entering the busiest season of my year. In two weeks, I share responsibility for hosting a team of 21 Hong Kong students and teachers visiting our church. In two weeks, I direct two sessions of VBS for hopefully 600 children and adults (800 if you include volunteers). In three weeks, I leave for a month in Hong Kong to help oversee 50 people coming and going in that month teaching VBS in schools there to about 2000 students. In 7 weeks, I will have a week of jet lag. And in 8 weeks, my children start school again.

calm-before-the-stormI don’t go crazy because I don’t enjoy every minute of each of these activities. I go crazy because my schedule becomes crazy. I go crazy because there is so much going on at once involving my entire family and so much of my church family that I feel responsible for. I go crazy because I am busy from 6am to 1am every day and night of this time period. But I also go crazy because in that time period, most of my life revolves around sharing Jesus with others. It’s crazy, but it’s also amazing.

It’s a lot to handle. And I prepare and plan the best I can. But it’s still craziness. I know it’s coming and I can feel it building inside. But this week. This week is the calm. The calm before the storm.

What is your crazy season? When is it that you know you are going to be pushed the edge of sanity or just risk being run down by scheduling or stress? Do you take time to fill up in the calm before?

A verse I love at these times is Romans 15:13 which reads “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” I just need to trust in God, and He will fill me – He will give me all that I need in spirit and power. In the moments that I feel weary or stressed or overwhelmed or just in the middle of a storm – even a storm I choose to walk into – He is there pouring into me as I trust in him. I could not ask for more than that.

Savoring the calm,

Dina Newsom


2 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Hang in through the crazy time and thanks for all that you do! Maybe we could find some volunteers to blog for you while it’s so crazy? 🙂

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