The Scars We Hide

When I thought about what to write about this week, I had a bit of writers block. I asked my friends on facebook for ideas, and then came across a picture on instagram.

The picture of a bracelet was posted by popular author and speaker Shelia Walsh. The caption of the photo said, “This bracelet was given to me by a nurse who wore it to cover the scars of where she slit her wrists. The owner of the bracelet said, “I don’t have to be ashamed anymore!”

The beautiful photo and caption really tugged at my heart, and I felt God giving me the approval to write about it.

How many times have we had something happen during our life where we took a “bandage” and covered up the wound, never to look at it again? Who has used that “bandage” as a way to push family or even love interests away?

I have so many physical scars from things in my life. I also have emotional scars. I’ve covered things up for so very long because I never wanted anyone to see the truth. I have been blessed through writing this blog to share a few of the painful things in my past, and this has offered some therapy for my soul.

When I think about those of you who are reading this, I imagine women who have gone through many of the same struggles and pain that I have. I’ve met several people who have cut their wrists, arms and even legs because of emotional pain they are trying to deal with.  I know women who have had double mastectomies and won’t change in a room full of women because they may be seen.

The more I think about it I wonder, why are we covering up our pain? Is it something we were raised to do? Were we taught not to tell anyone about the ugliness that happens behind closed doors? What if, as we attended our churches and went to work, we let people see the “real” us?

As I see it, society doesn’t want us to do that because it will bring to light to some painful things such as mental illness, abuse, neglect, adultery and misery.

Here’s what I want to leave you with:  if Jesus died on the cross for our sins, why is it that when we see pictures of Him there are no bandages on His hands and feet? He was beaten, bloody and had nails driven into Him. Why did God let His Son’s pain be so transparent and evident that He wouldn’t dare cover the physical scars?

God didn’t cause the pain we have, He brings us through it. Why not be honest and show what pain our bandages are really hiding?

Galatians 6:17

From now on, don’t let anyone trouble me with these things. For I bear on my body the scars that show I belong to Jesus.”

Always yours,

Carey Oswald


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