When the sun fades

IMG_8488My family tried out camping for the first time last weekend, close to home at Mahoney State Park. (The story of how we ended up camping and owning a camper is for another blog post.)

It was a hot and humid weekend, but we had a comfortable air-conditioned camper to call home in a shady and peaceful spot. After spending time cooling in the pool in the heat of the day, we found ourselves lazing around the campground at dusk. While others stayed close to the cabin, I ventured away from the tents and RVs and headed to the top of a hill that looked out over the park.

As the sun was lowering in the western sky, clouds were just starting to move in.  As a wanna-be photographer, I know that this is one of the most magic hours of the day for lighting and often spectacular colors. I brought my camera along and perched myself in a location where I could watch the sunset and the colors painted across the horizon.

In the short minutes of sunset, it was like God was forming a masterpiece in the sky. The clouds were racing by as the sunlight turned subdued into muted colors of golds, reds, oranges, pinks, blues and purples. His heavenly paintbrush threw glittering pieces of color and contrast all around me. I kept snapping pictures trying to do the beauty justice that was right in front of me, but I am such an imperfect photographer.

I finally had to stop and just stare at the glory and majesty and beauty.

In the same moment, it amazed me….and took my breath away….and gave me peace.

God’s creation is just a reflection of His glory. God should amaze me. He should take my breath away. And give me an overwhelming sense of peace, no matter what is happening in my life.

He is the God of creation. With a Word, the sun and moon and stars came into existence.

He is a God of amazement – a God who sent His only Son to earth to die for me, this imperfect human being. What is more amazing than that fact?

He is a God of supernatural peace. There have been so many trials and struggles where I’ve experienced peace in the midst of pain in a way that makes no earthly sense. His power and majesty and creation and care can bring peace into my heart if I just hold fast to Him.

Sister in Christ, take time to slow down and to drink in God’s majesty, praying that you are reminded of his beauty, majesty and peace. Meditate on Psalm 47,or Psalm 33 as reminders.

Be amazed and in awe.

In Christ,

Jen Clark




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