Glasses of Water

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

Do you ever feel like a glass of water? Is that a weird question?

I don’t mean the question in the sense of “are you in the mood to have a glass of water?”

“How refreshing,” you might say.

No, I mean to ask you if you ever feel like an old, stale glass of water. Maybe someone took you to bed with the good intention for hydration, but left you on the nightstand, abandoned to evaporate.

It might sound foolish, though I am beginning to think most of what I write sounds a bit foolish, but I have found myself daydreaming. Like I am sitting on a shelf, this forgotten glass of water… grasping at the sides of my circular prison, wanting nothing more than to be a part of something more sweeping, with movement and purpose.

One might think I am stir crazy for the ocean because of…

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