First day of school

Today was Noah’s first day of school. I dropped him off this morning for school. Normally he will ride a van to school from daycare, but since it was his first day of Kindergarten, I wanted to be there to drop him off and help him through the experience.

We showed up to school about 15 minutes before he needed to be there. We took his picture in front of the school and then waited patiently for his teacher to come out into the hallway. We were not the only ones who were early or who were anxious for the day to start. Tearful moms filled the hallway this morning as about 80 of us dropped off our kids for the first day of kindergarten.

I walked with Noah back to his room and he walked in with the rest of his class, without so much as a goodbye. He was off on his new adventure. Surprisingly I made it back to the car and it wasn’t until I was on my way to work, that the tears began to fall.

From the time that he came to live with us, I have sheltered him as much as I could. I have controlled many aspects in his life, and even though he’s attended pre-school and daycare, both of those environments were small and very controlled. Upon attending Kindergarten, his world suddenly got a lot bigger, in many ways. He will meet many more people at school and make lots of friends. He will be exposed by things that those classmates and older kids say. Am I ready for him to exposed to the things that come with that territory? He is also going to learn so much and grow up so fast. And his world will get bigger as he gets smarter and gets exposed to more things in this world.

As I drove to work today, I thought about how God felt before He sent Jesus to this earth. Did he feel some of that apprehension? Will my people really listen to what he says? Will sending him to the earth mean anything to them? Is Jesus ready for what is ahead of him on this path?

Many in this world were not ready for him, or would not listen to him, but God still sent him. And Jesus was ready, and he walked the road all the way to the cross!

And I am learning, so much about parenting is learning how to let go, and that can be such a hard thing! But at the same time, I am trusting in God to keep him safe, knowing that he sent his own son to walk on this earth for us!

I picked up Noah tonight and already I can tell he is so much smarter and grown-up than this morning, and I continue to pray for the wisdom to parent him, and for the guidance and protection of those that will have an impact on his life.

To all of those moms learning how to let go,



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