Defense Wins Championships

Christians defend against the devil by praying, reading the Bible, hearing God’s word, following the Ten Commandments and enjoying the fellowship of other Christians. Jesus, God’s son, committed 100% to this community by sacrificing himself for the salvation of all.

No matter how much a football player sacrifices, the game won’t be won without the efforts of all team members. There is no Savior in football. Please trust I am keeping the game in perspective.

As mentioned in my previous post, I like football. Selecting this Biblical fantasy team was fun and educational. Again thanks to Wikipedia for a very brief explanation of player positions. (See prior post.)

Here we go……drum roll, Anton


Defensive Tackle: Moses and John the Baptist
Moses was able to maintain his position to stop Pharoah and lead the Israelites to safety. John the Baptist disrupted the status quo at the time by preaching about the coming Savior.

Defensive End: Aaron and Daniel
Aaron helped his brother overcome the whining and complaining of those on the 40 year journey.
Daniel forced his captors to realize his God meant business.

Linebacker: Samson, David and Elijah
Samson is a no-brainer; think strength. David certainly tackled Goliath.
Elijah was a multi-tasker.

Safety: Paul and Timothy
Paul is the last line of defense. He’s the prominent defender of Christianity in the New Testament. He could read the people near him and played their strengths. Timothy was Paul’s protégé. They’d be a dynamic duo on the field.

Cornerback: James and Andrew
The role of cornerback requires proficiency. Just read the book of James to learn about proficiency.
Andrew followed John the Baptist who in turn taught Andrew about Jesus.
Thus, Andrew could follow the opposing teams’ receivers’ jukes and jives.

Defensive coach: Deborah
Deborah was one smart cookie.

Team Trainer: Luke

Water boys: Noah’s grandsons

Name: I am considering the Pavers. These men paved the way for Christianity. But I like the Challengers. God’s team will take on any challenge thrown down by Satan.

Next blog will feature offense.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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