Man, Woman and Child!

Lyle Bremser called the University of Nebraska football games from 1939 to 1983 for a local radio station. I’d get chills when I heard him boom out the words, “Man, woman and child”. His Huskers had performed some athletic feat which had him exuberant and spellbound. He was giddy with delight.

No athletic feat can compare to my Savior dying on the cross for me. He gave his life for all while on the cross…not on the football field. If I pick Jesus as quarterback on my Biblical fantasy football team, is that fair? I mean why play the game? Do the opponents have a fighting chance? So, I won’t pick Jesus.


Here’s the roster:

Quarterback: Joshua
One word: leadership

Center: Peter
Two words: The Rock

Running back(s): Adam in his pre-sin days
How’s anybody gonna tackle someone who can perfectly read the field?
Zacheus – Wily, small, a skitter-skatter bug on the field

Fullback: Noah
A fullback’s chief responsibility is to block and protect the other backs on the field.
Noah protected his entire family by following God’s commands to build the ark.

Wide receivers: Joseph, Jesus’ Dad and Joseph, Jacob’s son
Jesus’ Dad – He’s got carpenter’s hands so he knows what to do with them.
Joseph – He’s got the arrogance.

Tight end: John
Anyone who can write Revelations can block and receive.
What a visionary!

Left and right guards: Samson and Solomon
Samson is playing both sides of the line. He’s got the strength.
Solomon has got the brains to guard his teammates. He’d definitely have their backs.

Left and right tackles: Names unknown – Centurion and criminal on cross
The left tackle is to guard the quarterback. The Centurion was ready to kill himself once he discovered Paul had escaped from jail. He’d lay down his life for his quarterback. The criminal on the cross simply “got it”. This late bloomer had it figured out.

Offensive captain: Solomon

Public Relations: Angel Gabriel

Chief Executive Officer: Abraham with his Chief of Staff, the Woman at the Well
Can’t quite pinpoint why these two would make a great corporate team

Cheerleaders: Women who were at Jesus’ tomb, Noah’s wife and ……. me
I’d love to watch my two fantasy teams bring it.

Team Chaplain: (Ret.) Pastor Tim Heupel – He’d almost be in “heaven” with this gig.

Thanks for enduring my armchair quarterbacking.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank

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