In the Beginning….

Genesis 1:2 –“…and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” That pretty much describes my computer screen a few mornings ago…sigh. Don’t you love technology? It’s like a car, or any other appliance (i.e. my washer a few blogs back) or fixture. When it works; it’s great. When it doesn’t, well it’s like the first part of verse 2: “And the earth was without form and void.”

There I was working on a marketing piece; inserting photos, changing fonts, readjusting margins, when wham – no power – nothing. Not just a little blip to warn you. No, suddenly there was no power, no computer, no phones, no lights. I work in an interior office and it’s dark. Besides the obvious darkness I was suddenly aware of the silence. We are bombarded by white noise so continually, that we’re not even aware of it. So there I sat and after the first initial “O noooooooo!” (magnified by everyone around me) and the burst of frustration (maybe with a little anger thrown in?), I thought wow, “this is quiet!” Who knows, maybe God decided on a universal respite for my office. And it got me to thinking. Was that what it was like before creation? Silence with the occasional swoosh of the spirit hovering over the waters?

The minutes of silence, (well what can you do with no electricity?) made me realize how little I could accomplish because I was so dependent on all my equipment, which only worked when the current was operating. I balanced two thoughts that morning. 1) My God is truly the master at creation. Whatever task I complete is far from a creation. It is simply rearranging information that already exists. 2) I can do nothing by myself. I am totally dependent on my creator – and He is in control. Thank heavens. Whatever I attempt on any given day can only be accomplished if a current is running through me, and that current is God.

That morning put a lot of my life into perspective. Where would I be without my Creator, my Father? He is my source, my strength, my foundation. I can do nothing, absolutely nothing without Him! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13. Without that life breathing source that not only created me, and created me with a specific purpose in mind, I am called to do more that exist and survive. I am called as His child to reach out and reflect His love to all I am blessed to know and serve.

This was never more clearly impressed on me than when I watched and listened to the Beth Moore simulcast at our church recently. We were given the Identity Declaration

15265_10154629036215713_7881667011217625483_nand it has been shared with you by my fellow bloggers. We are called to be more and because we have received – we are called to believe and respond and respond with God’s current and light within us!

Lord, you never called us to sit in darkness, but called us out of the darkness. Help us to reach out and encourage in love and joy! Amen.

Blessings as you acknowledge your identity in Christ and shine outward! Doneta


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