I was reading through my old blogs the other day, and this one spoke to me a lot considering the season and some happenings this past week, so I thought since it was seasonally appropriate that I would share it again.

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

I love Halloween.  I love the costumes, the decorations, the candy, the pumpkin patch, the trick-or-treating, and all the excitement that surrounds the holiday.  But I don’t like the whole ‘scary’ thing.  Yeah, I don’t do scary.

I do not go to haunted houses.  They terrify me.  I haven’t gone into one since I was a teenager – and even then, it was only under severe peer pressure and not wanting to be made fun of that I forced myself to step inside.  I cannot watch scary movies either.  When I do, I obsess about it for weeks.  I’m scared to walk to my car at night for fear of the alien-monster hybrid that may be lurking in the dark.  I don’t answer the phone late at night because I’m sure it’s some hundred year old curse that will tell me how many days I have left to live.  Yes…

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