Noteworthy Notes

This week my small group is tasked the following assignment:

“Seek out a younger sister in the Lord whom you might help through mentoring. Pray about it, and when God lays someone on your heart, send her a note that tells her you are praying for her and share your willingness to connect.”

My intentions are great with this one. In the last few days I have thought of numerous younger sisters [daughters] in the Lord, and I would like to connect with them all. However, action hasn’t yet kicked in. I am tempted to take the easy route and just say, if you think that I may be thinking of you, I probably am. Please receive this encouragement. You are a servant of the most-high God, created in His image and loved by Him!

But a generic message in a blog is not like getting a personal note. So I need to get busy on my assignment. And I do feel honored. And I am so grateful for women that have reached out to me.

As I was thinking about this assignment I dreamed a bit of what it would be like to get a note of encouragement from a Biblical matriarch. The idea intrigued me. Who would you want to hear from?

While not all of these women are actually mentioned by name in scripture, here are some sisters in Christ that I bet had A LOT to say:

Encouragement from the Woman at the Well (John 4)
“Sister, Carrie Underwood has got it right, there really is something in the water. I had no idea who was offering me this living water, and I know there is no life without him. Believe everything He tells you.”

Encouragement from the mother of the boy with 5 fish and 2 loaves of bread (John 6)
Would her personal note to you start out, “I want to encourage you to encourage your children to bring all that they have to offer to Jesus – it is just the right amount. You won’t believe what He can do with it!”

Encouragement from any of the women at the tomb (Luke 24)
“Don’t believe what the world shows you! We thought all hope was gone, and that our Master was dead. But His power is greater than the grave! He showed us the grave stone was movable – have faith for the stones in your life to be rolled away.”

Encouragement from Priscilla (Acts 18)
“Take the next step. Go ahead, take someone under your wing and share who you know the Lord to be. Don’t hoard your testimony, get moving…”

God’s blessings to you as you receive encouragement from His word, and share it.

Shelli Muldoon


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