Here I Stand, Arms Open Wide

As I have celebrated my first year anniversary with Youth for Christ, I thought it would be fitting to share with you the blog from last year at this time. At this time, I am currently needing financial support. If you are interested in an end of the year donation or monthly support, you can click on this link and it will take you to my donation page.

I am so very thankful for you all,



In September, I wrote about a new adventure that God is leading me on with Youth for Christ.  I am now blessed to work with Junior High and High School students with Campus Life Ministries in the Papillion/La Vista area.  My first “official” day of work was November 4, 2013 but I had been volunteering for several weeks prior to that date.  I have have had the opportunity so far to work with some of the same students from my previous job at Papillion Junior High and I have also met many new students and parents as well.  Imagine their surprise when they saw me for the first time at THEIR club!

Over the past few weeks, I have gotten involved in both before and after school activity times at the Papillion Campus Life club. We begin our activities together with the junior high students with a period of get-to-know you time, followed by games and then a lesson.  Each engaging lesson involves an issue pertinent to today’s youth such as fear, anger, loneliness and suicide based on Biblical principles.  This week I have been asked to lead our group with the topic of thankfulness.  I plan to share my testimony and tell the students how thankful I am for the grace, love and mercy God has shown me.  Girls and boys then will follow the lesson with small group discussion.  The goal of the small group gatherings is to allow the students to discuss the lesson presented and how it applies to particular situations they may be facing.  Small group time also focuses on the “happy” and “crappy” – the good and bad things taking place in each others lives.  In recent weeks, we have had over 50 students at club activity time!

As I was driving home from club one day, God suddenly laid a song on my heart.  I didn’t have it on my Ipod and had no way of listening to it.  I rushed home and really listened to it.  The lyrics really touched my heart.  They reminded me of what I am doing and why. The song is titled “Arms open wide” by Hillsong.

Take my moments and my days
Let each breath that I take
Be ever only for You oh God

Oh here I stand
Arms open wide
Oh I am Yours
And You are mine

My whole life is Yours
I give it all
Surrendered to Your Name
And forever I will pray
Have Your way
Have Your way

My arms are open wide in obedience to Him.  Because of the call I am taking, I am in need of help. Prayers are the first piece of having a successful ministry.  Campus Life is an amazing organization and because of the added students after school, we are in need of help from adults who are interested in a nurturing relationship with students.

Secondly, in taking a position with Youth for Christ through Campus Life Ministries, it is necessary for me to fundraise my entire salary.  I needed to raise $1,000 before I began work.  Thank you to all of you who have made the commitment to donate toward this ministry.  Currently I have raised $1,450 of my annual goal of $12,000. I am still hoping to continue with this ministry and am asking for only 18 people to commit to $50 a month for a year. Please pray with your family about this opportunity.  What an exciting way for a family to get involved by helping raise money for someone they know is serving the Lord.  This may mean eating out one less time a month, or maybe 2 less coffee trips a week.

God has continued to bless this new ministry I am a part of. I am looking forward to the future and am praying that you will walk along side me in this journey.

If God is leading you to pray for or financially support me in my new position, you can email me at

With my arms open WIDE,

Carey Oswald


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