We Have a Hope

Stress. Bustle. Hustle. Rush.

Anyone else feel overwhelmed? I know I do. It has been a crazy week with travel for work and long hours. The kids are busy with activities and events this week and I feel like I can barely keep track.

And don’t even mention the crush of holiday shopping and related activities.

As I sat listening to the sermon this Wednesday for the first advent worship service of the season, we heard about a conspiracy of hope. As I reflected, living my life with a feeling of overwhelming responsibilities and activities has been crowding out my hope and my joy. It all seems so much.

But in perspective, it doesn’t seem like much when I hear there are four funerals at church this week. Four families feeling the burden of grief. And another family watching a loved one go into hospice care with a terminal illness. And other families struggling with health problems in their beloved children.

It seems just too much to bear.

It seems impossible to manage the crushing weight.

But we have hope. Hope for the most wondrous Christmas present who will wipe away all of our tears. Who will restore our failing bodies. Who will hold our children close.

We are blessed that we can celebrate that ongoing gift of eternal life given through Jesus Christ. Imagine how overwhelmed and stressed and hopeless his earthly mother Mary might have felt? No room in the inn and a child’s delivery imminent.

But instead, she delivered hope incarnate. And she was reminded by lowly shepherds coming to worship the tiny babe she held in her arms.

That tiny babe became a man and took on all of the weight of our burdens. And that’s the blessing and gift – he takes the weight of it all and gives us hope. True hope. Eternal, everlasting, real and meaningful hope.

If you find yourself among those who feel hopeless this advent season, remember that real hope is in your Savior – the hope of your world. Won’t you join me in sharing that hope with others?

With hope,

– Jen Clark


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