Christmas-Where’s My Heart?











As I sit here crying (again) and writing to you, I’ve had one interesting week so far.  I missed my son’s college choir concert at school on Sunday and almost missed a concert for our daughter this weekend. I feel like I’ve let everyone down by not being organized and have been so busy that I’ve left important things off of the calendar!

Thinking about our society, it seems that we cram so many things in the month of December: concerts, parties, meetings, volunteering, gift buying, wrapping and over eating. I have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas!

This fact didn’t occur to me until I heard Pastor Ryan on Sunday say “If the world spied on your celebration of Christmas, what would they think? Do you know where your heart truly is?”

Well I’ve decided to lay out where my heart for Christmas out for you all to see. It’s definitely NOT where it should be! I’ve left out so many details of the real Christmas already; reading stories to my children about when Jesus was born, talking about what the nativity scene represents, praying for those in need and giving up a few gifts this year to help others financially. Spending quality time with family and friends and putting God at the front of everything I do. I’ve put work, social media and even taking naps as a priority!

After hearing Pastor Ryan speak this weekend, I’ve decided to turn the month of December and Christmas upside down! Just as Mary’s life was changed when Jesus was born, I am willing to let my life be changed by Him also!

Here’s what we have been challenged to do:10394777_1500926720183766_6270306872470582565_n

BE-Different in this month than we have ever been before

DO-Something crazy and counter-cultural

MAKE-Christmas actually about Jesus!

What if we did something so outrageous and SPEND LESS money than we ever have before! Maybe even buying 3 fewer gifts so we don’t put ourselves in to a tremendous amount of debt! What about supporting a local family in need this year and not get the most expensive gift on your wish list.

I’m tired of feeling empty, poor and emotionally drained. I need God to turn my Christmas upside down, what about you?

Take time to watch Pastor Ryan’s sermon below, then put a plan in to place with your family this holiday season.

Yours truly,


<p><a href=”″>December 7th, 2014 – Spend Less (Lifestory)</a> from <a href=””>Beautiful Savior Church</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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