Bought At A Price

My husband and I did a large chunk of our Christmas shopping for our kids over the past few weeks.  We spent quite a bit of time this weekend in stores, looking for deals and trying to figure out what presents to get for them this year.  We wander up and down the isles of Toys ‘R’ Us and Target, trying to pick out items that we know our children will play with and would like to have.

Every year when it comes to Christmas shopping, I want things to be perfect, and I want my children to have a good Christmas.  I am not entirely sure where this desire comes from, but it adds stress to the shopping experience for my husband.  On Sunday after church, I tricked my husband into wandering the toy aisles at Target with me.  He followed me, with a somewhat frustrated look on his face.  I tried to cheer him up, but he just was not feeling it.  A small argument ensued, in which I was trying to make my point about how we needed to find a few more things for one of our kiddos, and my husband, the fiscal conservative, was trying to convince me that we had already spent enough money, and that it was maybe time to be done shopping for them for the season.

This is not the first year that we’ve had this situation show up during our Christmas shopping experience. It seems that we have this same exact conversation every year at Christmas, when shopping for gifts.

Sunday evening, I pulled out everything that we had bought for our children, and I began to wrap their gifts.  I had forgotten about a few of the things that we had bought and was quite amazed at the amount of stuff that was laying before me to wrap.  As I was wrapping, I began to think about the money that was spent on these gifts, and a comment that my husband made to me during the middle of our argument.  He told me that our kids are going to have a good Christmas, because they are in a loving home, and they have everything that they need.  WOW!  Did that statement put me in my place.  As I was thinking about the events of the past few days, and my conversation with my husband, something dawned on me.  I was trying to put a price tag on the love I have for my children, through the gifts I was buying them.

Obviously I love my children A LOT, and so to me, it makes sense to buy them every single toy they could possibly want for Christmas.  But is that what they really need?

God was well aware of what we, as his children needed, when he sent Jesus here to this earth.  It was not an easy decision, but one made out of his immeasurable love for us.  God weighed the cost of losing his relationship with us, versus sending his son here to this earth as a sacrifice for his sins.  We, as God’s dearly loved children, were bought at a price.  Not an earthly price, but a heavenly price.

So I am keeping that in mind this holiday season, as I finish up the rest of my Christmas shopping.  There is not price that I can put on the relationships in my life, but God knew the price that our lives cost, and was willing to send Jesus here to pay that price.

To my fellow sisters bought at a price,



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