Time Flies

TimeFliesOn Wednesday, my dear friend Ondria sent me a message. She not-so-gently reminded me that several years ago on that exact date, we were walking across the stage at Witherspoon Concert Hall at the Joslyn Art Museum, accepting our diplomas from Creighton University.

And the shocking thing? It had been 20 years. Twenty years! Is that possible?

I’m not sure who came up with the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun,” but time is flying.

Time is flying as I watch my son approaching high school, while I can still remember him carrying around his Blues Clues notebook religiously as a preschooler.

Time is flying as I watch my daughter entering kindergarten; I can still clearly see her the day we were set to leave the hospital for home after she was born.

Time is flying as I mark 15 years at my workplace; I can still clearly remember my interviews for the position.

Time is flying as my husband and I will soon mark 10 years of married life; I can clearly remember his beaming face as I walked towards him to say our vows.

Time is flying as I mark dates of remembrance of loved ones going home to be with the Lord; I can clearly remember our precious times spent together.

Time is flying even now as I see Christmas coming closer and closer; I can clearly see how I’ve spent too much time on presents and not enough time on presence.

Ecclesiastes 3 tells me that there is a time for everything – a season for every activity under the heavens. Birth, death. Weep, laugh. Mourn, dance. As I reflect back on the time that has flown by for me, I can see those stages – times of unimaginable pain and loss mixed with times of incredible joy and happiness. Through each of those seasons, I have gained something valuable and learned lessons – as long as I have taken time to continue to walk with my Lord and lean on him.

Some of these times are fleeting, and without reflection, presence and gratitude for all of the time I’ve been given by God for whatever length of time – they are not nearly as precious. I am so tempted in this busy season of the year and busy season of life to gloss over and hurry past to get to the next thing. But “things” fade. God remains.

And so today, I will stop. I will be present. I will reflect. And I will cherish all the time I have been given. I will not take for granted the gift of time to experience the joy and the pain.

Time may fly, but I want to soar on eagles’ wings as I remember God’s graciousness to me.

Soaring with Christ,

– Jen Clark


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