Christmas and Worship

As I write this my Christmas Day has turned into Christmas Evening and I am happily tired. After worship this morning I went to Sioux City, Iowa for the family Christmas. For Christmas dinner 26 family members converged on my parents small split level house. It is boisterous, crowded, and noisy, but the house wass filled with a lot of love.

This reminds me of an experience my husband had last year. He had the joy of going to India on a mission trip. Part of his experience included visiting house churches. He visited one house church during the week with a bedroom and open air corridor that he learned as many as 70 people would crowd into on a typical Sunday for worship. I imagine that being packed into a small space like sardines is not a comfortable experience. Yet these people had such a heart for a loving Lord that they were willing to put up with the inconvenience to spend time in fellowship and in worshipping the Lord.

I can’t help but thinking of Christmas Eve which always brings out great crowds to Beautiful Savior Church for worship. People love to worship the Christ child at Christmas. They bask in the glow of the baby Jesus.

The Sunday after Christmas is different, though. There are fewer worshippers than on a typical Sunday. I am not sure why. Maybe people are trying to recover from too much festivity.

For me, I am eager for worship on Sunday. I love spending time with my precious church family. I love meeting God face-to-face through worship music and being called deeper into grace and faith through the message. I love the offering, communion, confession, prayers, and everything that is a part of a worship service.

It is my prayer that the birth of the Christ child will impact you not only on Christmas Eve, but also on the Sunday after Christmas, and the Sunday after that, and on every day of the year. It is my prayer that you will know the baby who became the Savior in such a deep and profound way that the glow of Christmas lasts until the glow of Easter arrives. It is my prayer that no inconvenience will seem too big to keep you from Him. For no inconvenience was too big to keep Him from you on that first Christmas.

Blessings and love,

Kelly Haack


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