Counting on God

As I sat here halfway through my Monday realizing I failed to write my blog for today, I panicked. But then I did just what every great blogger does and went searching for what I posted about this time last year. Remarkably, it was this post that made me smile that my daughter had written. Even when I fail, at little things like blog posting or things much bigger, I can count on God. Happy Monday! ~ Dina Newsom

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

Please welcome my daughter as our guest author for today …  

As a 16 (almost 17!) year old girl, I have discovered the concept of impermanence. Flowers wilt, colors fade, and texts get deleted. I have also learned that there are several things in life that are very permanent and concrete facts:

  1. If I can’t find something, my mother can.
  2. My dad gives the best hugs.
  3. I will never know my exact bra size.
  4. Mornings suck.
  5. God is always here for me.

While failing to find the scarf that I wore last week may seem like a very pressing problem at certain moments, it is only that – a momentary problem. Asking my mother for help finding it is something that only occurs once (or twice…maybe more) times a week. The fact that my mother will find it will always be true, but the act itself is not continuous. The…

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