My daughter has recently become obsessed with the Disney character, Tinkerbell. Some of you, may associate her as the fairy from the story Peter Pan, and she is, but Disney has launched a movie series based off of the fairies, and Tinkerbell is their main character. Over the weekend, while shopping at Target, my daughter saw a Tinkerbell costume and wanted to get it. She was so cute with the way she looked at me and said, “please mommy, I want wings so I can fly.” I mean, how does someone say not to that! When we got home from the store, she immediately wanted to put the dress and her wings on, and other than church on Sunday (which many of you saw her walking around church with her wings on, it was a compromise, she had to take the dress off, but was able to wear her wings to Sunday school) and daycare today, she has been wearing her outfit non-stop! She has even started calling herself, Tinker Ellie.

It’s been fun to watch her embody the role of Tinkerbell when she puts on her costume. She starts to play the role of Tinkerbell, and begin to talk like she is Tinkerbell and act like she is Tinkerbell, and will even begin to tell the story of what happens in the movies to Tinkerbell. It’s almost as if she knows exactly what role to play and how she should act, while she is wearing her Tinkerbell costume.

Watching her, I started to think about my own life and the many roles that I play, and how, depending on what role I am currently in, may dictate my actions and words. Just how my daughter’s actions, dress, and even her name changed when she put on her costume, depending on what role I am playing, will dictate what my actions and words will be. And I mean, I have to admit, that whatever situation I find myself in, may cause me to react differently.

For example, my reaction to my husband, after he has done something to make me upset, will probably look different than when a friend, or co-worker does something to make me upset. I hate to admit to this, but my reaction will probably be more knee-jerk, and I am more likely to get upset quicker and over smaller things depending on the situation and who I am dealing with.

But…something that God has been showing me a lot lately, and reminding me of, is that Christ has come to die for all people’s sins, and that my invitation to grace and sharing his love, should not matter on the situation I find myself in. Because, at the end of the day, every single one of us, needs God’s love and forgiveness. Every. Single. One. And for me, sometimes that is hard thing to grasp. I forget that Christ paid the price for my sins, and there is nothing that I have done, on my own merit, to earn Christ’s forgiveness. God has given it, to me freely, to share with those, no matter what the circumstance I find myself in, or what role I find myself in.

So, the next time you see my daughter running around church in her Tinkerbell wings (because I am certain that she will continue to insist on wearing those wings to Sunday school) just remember the role that God has called to play, by sharing his grace, no matter what the circumstance.

Tinker Ellie’s mom,


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