Hot Baths

One of my favorite greeting cards I received had the caricature of a teddy bear in a bath tub full of bubbles with the heading: “I feel a hot bath can solve most problems”. The inside read: “I’ve been in here a week since last Thursday”. If some may frown at the image, and just not connect, it makes perfect sense to me.Bubble Bath

While some people only have time to jump in and have a quick shower, I have the luxury of being able to soak in a hot tub of water. I love baths and this winter has given me many opportunities to warm up and escape if you will. After a long day when I am completely frozen (if anyone knows me they understand that my body temperature is never close to 98.6) I have the luxury of immersing myself in water until I am warm.

While I cannot pinpoint any specific scriptural verse I will share that the end of the evening with warm water is the perfect time to review the day’s events – those ups and downs, my good and not so good attitude – the hours when I realize that even though the day had many twists and turns my God was with me every step of the way. It’s a time of review, confession, repentance and thanksgiving for me.

I think of the times within biblical history where water played a significant role in healing, whether it was with the Children of Israel in the desert, Elisha in the book of 2nd Kings, new testament accounts near Lake Gennesaret, or Lake Galilee or the healing of Naaman in the Jordan River.  Our creator used many of these instances to show His love, power and restoration, and while it may be a stretch on my part, I like to think of my time immersed in warm water, is God’s love surrounding me. Could I apply that to a hot shower as well? Well yes…

God’s love, care and healing are extended daily through events, experiences and the people that surround us. Think about that the next time you shower or sink into a tub of warm water. In this often cold, dark world we can feel God’s love showering down, supporting us and warming us up and encouraging us for the day ahead.

Father, never let me doubt your love that lifts me when I am down. Let me extend that joy and warmth to others. Amen.

Blessings, Doneta


2 thoughts on “Hot Baths

  1. I’m with you, Doneta! Although I’m in there so long, many prayers are prayed and sometimes answers given, too!! ❤️ my baths! Thankful for hot water, soaking tubs, and time to be with the Father.

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