…and a time to every purpose under heaven


In grade school you play on swings with your friends; you color with your friends, and you go to your first sleep over.  Sidewalk chalk is fun. You all wear the same color bow in your hair and you’re in Brownies and Girl Scouts together.  Boys are yucky.  Mom is cool.

Transitioning into junior high can be challenging.  The mean girls’ claws scratch and retract.  After many tears and many conversations, you learn whom to trust and who has your back.  But then your “best friends forever” bond is threatened by a b.o.y.  Odds are “puppy love” doesn’t last long, and you’re back to reading magazines and spending hours in your bedrooms talking about boys and teachers and parents and makeup and becoming a woman and boys and clothes and siblings.

High school follows the same pattern.  Stressing is automatic.  These AP/Honors classes are killing me.  Will I make varsity?  Should I go to an out-of-state college?   Should I go to UNL, UNO, UNK, or Metro?   How many times do I have to take the blasted ACT?  Will McDreamy ask me to prom?   Why are Mom and Dad so annoying?  Should I get a part-time job?  Should I try illegal drugs?   He wants me to….you know.  Your friends have the same feelings and questions.


Perhaps you do eventually marry McDreamy and you bear his children.  New stresses enter the scene.  The kitchen appliances break down.   Two kids out of three need braces. Why is the grass always greener on the neighbor’s lawn? Car insurance goes way up when your oldest turns 16.  Your parents are aging.  The word “cancer” may have hit someone in your extended family.  You find a lump. The dream job is turning into a nightmare.  Life hasn’t necessarily gotten better or worse – it’s just gotten different.  You listen to advice from friends which you might not follow.


The kids leave the house and now you ponder who you are at this stage of life.  McDreamy may have turned into McDreary and you fear empty nesting.  You may occasionally enjoy a glass of fine wine, but you continually whine about your not-so-fine body.  You read the obituaries.  You contemplate retirement.  The mind is evaporating, or is it exasperating?  You make a pumpkin pie and forget the sugar and salt.  The hidden blessing is that your friends might be able to top your life stories.


All this evolution…my head is spinning in a revolution……

Ecclesiastes 3:1  (KJV)  To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Please consider reading the rest of Ecclesiastes 3 at your convenience.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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