Table Time

Caleb and Friends

My kitchen table holds many family memories: memories of meals filled with laughter, games played, puzzles put together, prayers prayed, and, yes, bills paid.

When the boys were little a variety of art projects were a part of our family’s table culture. We painted, colored, played with playdough, cut, glued, and drew pictures.

Each Easter, as in many households, our table bloomed with color as we painted eggs. At Halloween the table became a pumpkin carving center. On Thanksgiving Eve a white tablecloth came out and graced the family table. Each year we would draw pictures on the tablecloth of the blessings over the year for which we were thankful. Cookies covered the table at Christmas as we frosted and sprinkled.

The family table has included many faces: faces of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents; friends and girlfriends; missionaries and church members

What role does the kitchen table play in your family life, either past or present? Do you eat meals together at the table or do family members plop in different places in the house, or move down the road in a vehicle while you eat? Do you have joyous memories at the table or has the table been filled with tension? Maybe your table is a mixed story of the ups and downs of family life.

Whatever your family’s table time looks like, there is a family table that is beautiful and you are invited to be a part of it. It is the table around which the family of God gathers on Sunday morning, the communion table. It is easy to forget the beauty of the communion table, but it is the place where our Christian family gathers on Sundays. In the simple meal of bread and wine we meet our precious Savior and receive his body and blood. At the communion table we are forgiven and strengthened. And at the communion table we peek into a glorious future where we will have an eternal feast in which the bride (the church) and the groom (Jesus) will be the guests of honor. This is why I love singing as I go up to the altar or Sundays. It is a joyous event.

Come with me to make a family memory at the communion table this Sunday.


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