Put down that smartphone

Smartphone2This blog is a “revamped rerun,” since this author’s on her way to Texas…but the message still applies. How many conversations have you had this past week that have not been “face-to-face,” but instead, misinterpreted “text-to-text?” I can think of several pretty important discussions.

Like many of you, I have an iPad and and an iPhone. I read my books on Kindle, and I sit at my computer keyboard for hours every day at work. In the morning, during breaks and in the evening, I regularly check Facebook, Instagram, the weather, the news, my mail (and then I re-check my mail), play Scramble with Friends (you know who you are, friends!), Solitaire (doesn’t everybody?), and when I get tired of that, I google everything known to man on the internet.

Keep in touch with my friends? Sure, as long as it’s a text, IM, email. No! I couldn’t call ! I might be interrupting. Surely they have something more important to do. I don’t want them to feel as if I was wasting their time. After all, they may be too polite to tell me.

There are some good—no, great!—things about smartphones. I can actually keep in touch with friends and family who live far away. I get to Facetime with the kids and grandchildren in Washington (soon to be Texas) and in Lincoln, Nebraska. That’s awesome! I wish my kids had had that opportunity with their grandparents. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to share with and pray for friends living in another country by using Facebook and Instant Message. With Pandora on my iPhone, I can play Christian worship songs 24/7. My Bible app allows me to follow a plan to read a section of scripture every day, and I can read it in several different versions. I often research questions I might have about a certain passage by using Google. I also read my daily devotion on the same electronic. Saves me from having many different books lying around.

Speaking of which, why is it that I still have stacks of books, notebooks, pens, pencils and highlighters by my chair? Apparently it’s a habit. I still have my Bible, my journal, several devotionals, and miscellaneous books I have started/plan to read within arm’s reach of my rocker-recliner. Just in case…

Thankfully,  God doesn’t need me to follow Him on Twitter, see Him on Instagram, or even look for His daily post on Facebook. He’s not into hashtags. No, He’s right here with me, every moment of every day. What a refreshing joy it is to know that I can communicate with Him any time; in my head, in my heart, or even out loud. I don’t need to make sure my phone, pad, kindle is charged first.

Thank you, Lord, for understanding what life is like these days, and the challenges that we all go through. Since I last wrote this blog, I feel like I have regressed; definitely not improved. Please help me use my phone and other electronics sparingly, and allow time for real conversations. Using words. That I speak. Out loud. It’s become so difficult lately, I think I’ve almost forgotten how to do that. Thanks for hearing my prayer, and helping me in this area of weakness. Help me to bring glory to You as I try to open my mouth–and speak. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bless your week, friends!



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