Whew!  What a week it has been here at the Nash household!  To say that it has been a week of ups and downs, would be an understatement!

Last Sunday, my husband and I were over at a friend’s home, having dinner, when my daughter suddenly spiked a fever of 102.7.  So I spent Monday home with her, attempting to get work done, in between taking her to the doctor and taking care of her.  Tuesday she was still running a fever, so another day spent at home.  Wednesday rolls around, and she’s still not feeling well.  Daddy’s turn to stay home with Ellie, and mommy gets to go into work.  Half-way through my work day, I get a phone call from Noah’s school.  Noah took a tumble in gym class and had quite the knot on his head, and he needed to be picked up from school.  Since dad was already home with the other child, he ran to pick up Noah from school.  Shortly after my husband arrives home from school with Noah, I get a text from him to call ASAP.  I call back hubby, and he quickly tells me to get home.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur for me.  When I arrived home, Noah had a very large knot on his left eyebrow, and his eye was starting to swell shut.  Laying on the couch, he complained that his stomach was bothering, and not too long after that, he began to throw up.  A trip to the ER, and an examination later, we were told that he had a contusion and a traumatic hematoma of the left eyebrow.  Basically, in layman’s terms, he had a large bump and bruise on his left eyebrow.  Plenty of rest, ice, and sleep was what the doctor ordered for Noah, for the next few days.

Following the crazy of the week, my hubby and I spent the weekend, re-organizing our basement while Noah and Ellie both laid on the couch and watched movies.  It was nice to get things cleaned up, and also get to spend some time with our children just relaxing, after such a crazy week.

How are you doing with relaxing?  Are you taking time out of the crazy/busy in life, to catch your breath, reflect, and re-energize?

I know for me, it’s easy to just keep going on about my way, and I forget to slow down, and this last week was a reminder to me and to my family, that we need to slow down and take some time to relax, reflect, and recharge.

In fact, God intends for us to find time to relax and reflect and recharge.  Its why he created the Sabbath.  God spent a week creating and working, and on the last day, took time to rest and spend time with his creation, and he still desires to spend time with us.  In fact, Jesus followed this principle as well.  He spent much time healing, performing miracles, and teaching, which took a lot of energy out of him.  So many times after he performed miracles, he would retreat to a quiet place to find some time to relax, and recharge, and reflect, and refresh.

Where are you carving time out of your week to relax?  It doesn’t have to be on Sundays.  The concept of taking a break and relaxing and spending time with God can be practiced.  God wants us to spend time with him, daily, to relax and recharge.

So I challenge you this week, to take small amounts of time. to relax and recharge and to reflect.  I think you’ll be amazed at how it changes your perspective and how much more equipped you will feel to face life’s challenges.

Learning how to relax:



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