Bunny Tears

As Easter approaches, I went looking for this blog that I enjoyed writing last year around this time. I hope you enjoy! – Dina

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

My parents with me as the Easter Bunny, 1992 My parents with me as the Easter Bunny, 1992

When I was 17 years old, I applied for a job as the Easter Bunny at the mall in my hometown of Grand Island. It was a six week gig that a friend and I shared – one of us would be in the bunny suit and the other would be the bunny’s helper. It was one of the most fun jobs I’ve had, despite the 400 degree heat in the suit and water/air breaks that were needed every hour. At that age, I didn’t grasp just how iconic the Easter Bunny was to the kids that would come to visit. I loved all the hugs I would get, and the kids that were so excited to see me that they could barely sit still were simply adorable. They would draw me pictures, and I couldn’t get over how many would…

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One thought on “Bunny Tears

  1. Dina, I just recently saw your blog and really enjoy your words. I am so sorry about the death of your mother. She was a great role model and friend to so many. She is in her heavenly home. She lived her faith. Norma Stroup

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