G.S.S. – The Saga Continues!

Who says acts of kindness are a thing of the past? This is a short reminder that God places people in our lives as evidence of His goodness. The G.S.S. in the heading stands for Good Samaritan Service (reference my blog January of 2014). That was when my car battery died and God truly did provide several people to help me. Fast forward to last Monday. It’s before 7 AM and I back out of my driveway noticing that my mailbox is totally smashed in hanging half off the post. Sigh…

I arrive at my work and wait for a decent amount of time to call my neighbor, “Hi Don I need your help.” Reply “Would it be your mailbox?” He explains about a car after 11 Sunday night bashing in mailboxes. I had not heard anything. They got mine, but missed his. The good news? “Doneta, I’m already on it. I’ve taken off your old metal box – don’t think there’s any hope for it. I’ll get a new one and install it for you – today.”

Did you hear my sigh of relief as I closed my eyes and smiled? “Thank you Don and thank you Lord for the kindness of neighbors!Thank You

Am I blessed or what? I know, you’re thinking it’s a little thing, nothing to get that upset over. Well, yes it’s not like my past events of broken water pipes, gutted kitchens, hail storms that totaled my roof and gutters, or my washer/dryer that crashed unexpectedly. But the mail box incident made me sad; destruction of property because someone was bored. And now, I’m happy. A not so great Monday turned out pretty great after all; all because someone was kind.

What a difference in those two attitudes. God created us for relationships and encouragement. This neighbor has come to my rescue when I needed help with snow removal, when my lawn mower broke, when my gutters needed cleaning. Little acts of kindness that he just shrugs off, but they are not little to me. While I have no carpentry skills which would repay him – I can provide lasagna, baked bread or desserts to say thank you; that and a check to reimburse for the cost of a new mail box.

God reminded me of two things. I have much to be thankful for and I can repay or pay forward. You know, it’s helping me with those “Jerusalem miles”. A little meal here (a mile or so); a smile there, an encouraging word, spending time with someone just to listen (a few more miles). Yes, the miles can add up and the good news is, not a lot is required except to extend some grace and compassion and love! You don’t have time to exercise that faith muscle? Think again.

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.’ Matt 25:40

Blessings as you shine your light in this dark world that needs a little kindness! Doneta

random acts of kindness


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