It is Finished

It is finished Picture

My favorite holiday (holyday) isn’t Christmas or Easter. It’s not Independence Day or Halloween either. My favorite day of the year is not even a celebratory day. Rather it is a day of somber reflection. My favorite holiday is Good Friday.

Why? You ask? The Bible is a divine narrative and the high point of that narrative can be summed up in three little words (in English) or one word (in Greek): It is finished…Tetelestai.

I am a sinner. That was made clear to me in the Maundy Thursday sermon on entitlement. Too often I feel entitled to have good things happen to me. I put in a long day at work, I am entitled to veg out in front of the television before going to bed. I am tired on Saturday morning, I am entitled to sleep in. I have been frugal with my money lately, I am entitled to a little splurge. In reality, I am entitled to none of these. They are all a blessing from God.

One thing I am certainly not entitled to is God’s forgiveness, God’s grace. But that is exactly what I am given in those three little words. Jesus took my guilt and punishment upon himself on the cross and when he breathed his last and called out Tetelestai, he was not saying his life was finished but rather his mission was finished. The debt owed for my sin, and the sins of all people, was paid in full.

It is finished. Everything in the Divine Story before those words were uttered led up to and pointed to Christ on the cross. Everything after those words were spoken pointed back to Christ on the cross.

Tetelestai. It is finished. Those words free me from the prison of sin and give me the promise of eternal life.

Tetelestai. It is finished. Those words make me worthy of every blessing I have received and every blessing I will receive.

Tetelestai. It is finished. Those words bring me out of the lair of Satan and into the arms of my Father.

Tetelestai. It is finished. The work is done. The debt is paid. I am free. I am blessed.

To Jesus be the glory. Amen

Kelly Haack


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