Steel Magnolias

Yes, I know it’s not Mother’s Day again just yet. But this past week I have gotten to spend a lot of time with my mother, and I kept thinking of this blog. So I just decided to share it again with all of you. I think the little reminders of the passing of faith from generation to generation are timeless. Enjoy!

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

It’s Mother’s Day time and that means that all over the world, men are letting their wives (or mothers) choose the movie they watch together for this special holiday.  You know what that usually means … chick flicks!

I have a confession to make.  I.  Hate.  Chick.  Flicks.  I don’t go for sappy love stories or shows that require Kleenex.  I’m not even a huge fan of romance movies.  I have never seen nor do I wish to see The Notebook.  (Yes, ladies, you may stone me later, but it’s true.)  Give me a good sci-fi thriller or action comedy, and I’m all in.  I won’t ever pick a girly movie first.

But …

… there is one hormone filled tear-jerker movie that I do indulge in.  I’ve loved it since the early 90’s when I first saw it, and still try to watch it every time I catch it…

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