Squirrel! Update


Meeting friends in Edmonton

Squirrel! Yes, I admit, I have been known to change subjects during conversations, and to say random things that are pointless. Sometimes I even make things up! Often I resemble this “squirrel!” clip from the movie Up.

I just have to share my latest random pointless statement which occurred on the car ride home from Houston* (see note below). As many of you know, there has been a lot of rain lately here in Nebraska, in Texas, and across the Midwest. So, our drive home was steeped in rain. The entire way. Once we hit I-80 (almost home!), it really started to pour. I was reclining in the back seat of the truck (as much as it is possible to recline in the back seat of a truck), and whipped out my trusty iPhone to check the radar, because I finally had good enough cell service to accomplish this feat. I proudly proclaimed, “It is going to rain!” at which point my Aunt Nancy began to laugh hysterically. I’m so glad I could brighten her rainy day, er, night. Seriously, though, we thought she might need CPR she laughed so hard and long.

Right now, my life is very squirrel-like. There are so many things going on. Perhaps you can relate? I just returned from a mission trip to Saskatchewan, Canada, after which I spent a week at the office in Edmonton. I followed that with a short visit to my daughter and her fiance in Seattle, spent two days at home and then took a quick flight to Houston. Next I left for a two-day trip (or was it three?) to San Antonio for a conference, and then returned to Houston for a nice long visit with the children and grandchildren. And the weather? Started out spring-like, then snowed, snowed again, back to spring-summer, then to summer heat and humidity, and finally spring rains. No wonder I feel like a squirrel!

In addition, I’m kind of really behind on everything at home: doing the wash, making out bills, cleaning, stocking up on groceries, working, bird-feeding, bluebird box-checking…oh, and did I mention working?

I am desperately trying to stay focused and not freak out if I don’t accomplish everything I feel needs to be done in the next few weeks because: this week the Houston-dwellers are coming to visit here in Nebraska–YAY!–and next week the Seattle-ites pop in for a few days–YAY! Throw in a retirement party for my hub, and, well, it’s sure to be busy, but fun!

Throughout this second (tenth?) major “squirrel episode,” I am so very thankful for those who have been praying for me, and continue to pray. I know there was a lot of protection going on as we traveled through bad weather, hail and tornadoes. I’m thankful for the health He has given me and my family, and for all of the many blessings that we enjoy. But mostly this day, I’m thankful that God understands my “I feel’s” and “feelings of squirrely-ness,” and He’s still there with me and for me. Here’s the bottom line: God is faithful, no matter what type of “episode” you or I go through, or where we’re at on the squirrel chart.

Thanking God for His love and for you! Squirrel!!


*It’s a 15-hour drive from Omaha to Houston, just in case you’re wondering.
Also, a version of this blog was posted a couple of years ago, although it was greatly updated. Doesn’t time fly? [Hey! So do squirrels]


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