Prayers for Peace

OrozcoWednesday our community was rocked.

A police officer, a mother, a friend, a wife, and a volunteer was killed doing her sworn duty – serving and protecting the citizens of our community.

A 29-year-old life cut down so soon, seemingly in such a senseless way. Her life lost, as well as the life of the person who killed her.

As we hear the details of her story, it seems sensible to ask “Why, God? Why take the life of such a young woman? The life of a brand-new mother, who was about to take her premature infant home from the NICU? Why such senselessness?”

I find that I don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that in the midst of the pain and senselessness of this world, I can trust that God is here….that he is in control….and that his plans are greater than mine.

The one thing I can do is pray – for officer Kerrie Orozco’s family and for our community. Will you join me in this prayer this morning?

Heavenly Father,

You gained a precious daughter’s entrance into heaven  yesterday, but we lost a protector in our community to violence.

You say that those who mourn are blessed, as they will find comfort. We hold fast to that promise today as we pray.

We pray for the family and friends of Officer Kerrie Orozco, whose grief must be so fresh and raw. We ask that you surround them with peace and comfort and support in the midst of this tragedy.

We pray for her brand-new baby, who is about to come home to her family’s arms. Strengthen her with health and blessings, always knowing the sacrifice her mother made. Strengthen her father and caregivers to move forward with love and peace.

We pray for our police officers, who go to work each day with the threat of violence. They have committed themselves to protecting me and my family. Lord, please place a hedge of protection around them each day. During this time of loss for them, please give them comfort and support. Let us be thankful for all those who hear the call from you to serve in this way and heed it.

We pray for the medical staff and trauma surgeons who treated Officer Orozco. We can’t imagine the pain of sinfulness that they see on a regular basis. We thank you for their commitment and the skill you’ve given to them. Help their hearts healed as well.

We pray for the family of the suspect who took the officer’s life. You tell us to pray for those who persecute us, and it doesn’t make sense to our minds. But we ask that you lift up his family and acquaintances, and work supernaturally to break the cycle of violence and sin that caused this horrific incidence. Only you have that kind of power, and we pray desperately for it now.

Lord, we pray for our community in mourning. May our hearts be changed to love our neighbors, to seek peace and to turn away from sin. Use this unspeakable act to make amazing change. May your light shine in the darkness for the community and nation to see.  May others know You through that amazing light, and help us to be light in our community through our actions and words.

Lord, bring peace and comfort today to our community. Help us to hold family and friends close, and you even closer.

In the name of your precious son Jesus,



If you feel led to pray, add your additional prayers in the comments.

– Jen Clark


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