My Body is a Temple.

During lunch last week I sat at the teachers’ table.  I didn’t sit at the paras table.  I’m an equal opportunity diner.  As I sat down, I heard Mr. B….  say, “My body is a temple.”  These words were being spoken by the guy who brings a medium-sized bottle of sriracha sauce from home every day to pour on his food.  And he will, at times, bring a small bottle of tabasco sauce for extra measure.  I always thought his favorite condiment was the sriracha sauce until he told me it was the most compatible sauce for all the food groups.  He actually belongs to a “Hot Sauce of the Month” Club.  I think we know the way to this man’s stomach.


I need to put the words “My body is a temple” on my refrigerator.” My body is a temple.  But I’m not sure what God it’s worshipping:  the Deity of Doritos, the All Mighty M&M’s, the Unholy Trinity of Sauces-Sweets-Salts or the Non-Denominational God of  Anything Not Too Nutritional.  Let’s just say, perhaps there could be less of me.  Let’s just say my condiment of choice/food enhancer would never be hot sauce.

For about a week I was reporting to an accountability partner what I was eating.  She was encouraging and supporting.  Then for whatever reason …oh wait, let’s try no discipline on my part, I quit letting her know how I was doing.  I need to go back to using her; she’s a willing crutch.

This blog is a wakeup call for me.  UNL has a new football coach.  There’s a superb recruiting video in which Coach Riley signs off with “and there is no place like Nebraska.”  I  need to appreciate, “There is no one like Jeanie.”  I need to quit whining about my self-image and take the steps to change it.  In addition to my new sign on the refrigerator, perhaps I’ll duct tape the door.   Perhaps I’ll let the dog (she’s strong) walk me around the block.  I’ll shop smarter and search for healthier recipes.  Am I actually writing this!  I was made in God’s image.  As I use my friend, I also need to pray to my God to help me become a new and improved Jeanie.


Thanks for reading.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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