Super vs. Ordinary

Sometimes I feel like I need to be Superwoman.

That pressure bubbles up for me especially on weeks like this where I am traveling for work. My family is still at home, and that nagging mommy guilt wells up. I know my husband is taking on a larger share of the work at home to manage everything there.

So I jump into overdrive, trying to ensure the bills are paid….food is around for family….schedules are coordinated…and at the same time I’m packed and prepared for work.

And don’t forget that there’s work to be done at church….

And kids’ summer camps and programs that need final confirmation….

And family members with birthdays and milestones that I need to get cards for…..

Would someone clone a “super” version of me???

I end up wishing I was Superwoman to be able to get everything done. But the reality is that I fail frequently and miserably at this. I try to control the elements myself and handle it all – and I just can’t do it.

I’ll hazard a guess that I’m not the only person who feels this way.

So imagine my relief when I was doing some reading in Acts this week as God gave me a great reminder that the non-superwomen are what He really needs.

In Acts 4, Peter and John were being brought before the Sanhedrin because of how they were preaching and teaching in the temple. As they were brought to account for their actions, they were bold preachers (seems like Supermen to me!).

But then there’s this little verse that hit me square between the eyes:

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13 NIV

And therein lies the power and my flawed thinking. I can’t do anything myself. If I’m trying to be Superwoman, I am trying to display my power….my skill….and my organizational abilities.

But if I am a woman after God’s own heart who is spending time with Jesus, he will take me – ordinary, unschooled old me – and use me in supernatural ways to impact his kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I don’t need to be a superstar. My ordinariness and failures allow Jesus to shine out.

That’s the power. God takes me – ordinary old me – and uses me so His power is displayed.

What I would do to have people be astonished when they see me; not because of who I am but because of who He is?

What if people really could tell from my words and how I treated them that I had been with Jesus?

Today, I’m going to ask my Lord for forgiveness for trying to be all that, and I’m going to work to get over myself so I can better spend time with Him so He shines through me.

Sounds a lot less exhausting and a lot more rewarding.

Join me today and take off the cape – and dig into God’s word. I’ll be here with you praying that God uses our ordinary selves in amazing ways for His kingdom!

Without a cape,

– Jen Clark

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