Finding Jesus

My husband and I watched the first episode of CNN’s “Finding Jesus: Faith. Fact. Forgery.”  Following the episode CNN’s website offered “five things you probably didn’t know about Jesus.”  I’m replacing the website comments with mine.

1.) Jesus came from a nowhere little town.

Would it have made a difference if Jesus had come from a somewhere metropolis?  He’d still seek out the poor, the widows, the hurting to extend his comfort and peace.  His disciples might have been of occupations other than fishermen.  No matter where He lived He’d seek worthy men to surround Him.

2.) Jesus probably didn’t know everything.

Of course, the Man Jesus didn‘t know everything.  He had to learn to crawl, to walk, to run just like you and I did.  Exposure to his geographic environment taught him about the customs and rituals of His people.  He was “earth schooled.”

3.) Jesus was tough.

Well, duh!  The man was a carpenter’s son.  His back and shoulders ached at the end of the day (foreshadowing here?) and His hands wore calluses.  Let’s not forget He lived in a house with siblings.  I’m sure he arm wrestled with his brothers.   Would they have challenged each other to feats of daring?  Dare his earthly father scold Him when he didn’t hit the nail square on the head?

4.) Jesus needed “me time.”

Everybody needs to relax and let their body, mind and soul regenerate.  Jesus was no different.  His time management included retreating from the bustling crowd and those needing Him.  His disciplines could be dimwits, and a break from them cleared his mind.  Jesus needed alone time to connect with His Dad.  He practiced Psalms 46:10.  “Be still and know that I am God.  I’d like to be a fly on the wall during those conversations.

5.) Jesus didn’t want to die.

Why would anyone want to endure the physical agony He suffered?  He wanted to reach more and to teach more.  The religious leaders, non-supporters of his ministry efforts, were the biggest supporters of his crucifixion.   He knew the cup (death) he had to bear was inevitable and that his end purpose was always to fulfill his heavenly Father’s will.

What we don’t know about Jesus isn’t important.  We simply need to know that faith in Him assures us a spot in heaven.


In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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