On a Mission

If you have been attending Beautiful Savior any time in the past two and a half months, you’ve likely heard the church’s mission and focus be shared in three simple phrases:

  1. Meet Jesus.
  2. Make friends.
  3. Make a difference.

Jeanne Johnson blogged in June about our church’s first “make a difference” Sunday where we went out into the community instead of having a service that day. It was an amazing opportunity to see 700 people living out their faith among their neighbors.

Today, there are several of our church members who are doing just that – making a difference – in the global mission field. There are three teams who are literally on a mission in three very different areas – Costa Rica, Hong Kong and far northern Canada.

These are people who have felt a calling on their lives to go make disciples of all nations as Christ commands us in Matthew. They are high school students. Women and men. Working parents. Individuals in retirement.

No matter where they are in life’s years, they are united in the same place in their lives – focused on mission and on bringing God’s love to the nations.  Today, would you join me in lifting these teams up in prayer?

IMG_0663That they would always stay focused on their purpose and sing a joyful song in their heart?

That they would develop strong relationships as a team but even more importantly, with the others that they meet throughout their work?

That the people they teach would have open hearts and minds to learning about God’s love?

That they are safe and strong as they manage the tasks they are called to do?

IMG_0667That they be reminded of God’s awesome power and strength at all times?

That they see the world through new eyes, and with an appreciation for all those God wants to be in relationship with him?

IMG_0668That they reminder that their provider and strength is their Lord?

That they be fulfilled and grow in God’s love and grace?

That even at the ends of the earth, God is always there?

Thank you for making a difference today through prayer!

– Jen Clark


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