God’s Fireworks

“Memories, important yesterdays were once todays. Treasure and notice today.” Gloria Gaither

The day had been long, hurried and harried.  I finally found myself on my deck looking at the expanse of lawns freshly mowed. It was now a cool July evening (yes, we did have a few if you think back).  Music drifted through the patio screen and I sat on the steps, feet propped against the railing absorbing the damp. Reflecting over the details of the day as shadows gathered, my mind recalled the words of King David: The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad. Ps 118:24

I confess as my thoughts reviewed the difficult, challenging, tired components experienced through the course of my workday, I looked up to observe twilight punctuated with fireflies. Tiny sparks of soft white against darkening green and my spirits were quieted and uplifted.Fireflies

The 4th of July, with all of its noise and explosions of color was past, but I thought that this scene while both serene and calming was yet uplifting and celebratory – better than any loud fireworks.

After hot, long summer days I ache for an experience to take away the weariness. I long for something to drown out the craziness, the numbing sounds that just drain, when instead God gently sprinkles the evening with spots of white. I think how times in life we look for the bold, the spectacular – the “high mass” if you will and our Creator instead offers us a light display of fireflies to remind us not to drown out the disturbance, the distractions with even greater noise, but to tune into the cool, quiet painting of a summer evening, or morning . He offers the reminder that in this disjointed, broken world, we have the choice to quiet our hearts in a landscape of soft colors painted lovingly by his hand.

Often I realize I am expecting God to speak to me in the deafening noise of the M-80’s to get my attention – instead my Father displayed His love to me that evening – soft points of light in the shadows – His message at the close of the day – His signature on His creation and my life; His gentle whisper speaking to me of His presence. All I need to do is stop, observe, bend a humble knee and give thanks.

Inviting you to exit the rat race, breathe in and know your Creator’s love.

Blessings, Doneta



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