41 and counting …

On my 40th birthday last year, I blogged a list of 40 things that I had learned in 40 years.  That list came up in a conversation recently, and I figured it was time that I added a 41st.  My oldest daughter just moved out for college, and I also began wondering if I did my best to teach her these important life lessons that I feel I have learned in my time.  Are her roots strong enough to survive the winds of this world and still learn to fly?  This thinking led me to God’s word and a verse that I know all to well.  Proverbs 6:22 which says “Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.”  I hope that all my children have learned at least some of these things that I have, and that they continue to learn as I add to the list.  I know I am learning something new on this path that God has put me on every single day.

1. Please matters.

2. Thank you means something.

3. Apologies are important.

4. Honest communication solves 99% of problems.

5. Good hair days should be treasured, for they are few and far between.

6. Trust is love in action.

7. If you have a kind thought in your head, you should be thinking out loud.

8. Coffee is a food group.

9. With great power comes great responsibility.

10. Men and women can be friends.

11. Short term solutions don’t fix long term problems.

12. There is a big difference between discipline and punishment.

13. You teach people how to treat you.

14. Most often, perception is truth.

15. A smile is a timeless gift … gift cards are a close second.

16. Being kind doesn’t cost anything, but it pays well.

17. The difference between a stepping stone and a roadblock is how high you are willing to climb.

18. Together is always better.

19. You can’t change others; you can only change yourself.

20. Calculus is not required.

21. Never type something you wouldn’t say.

22. Being patient doesn’t damage your pride.

23. Happiness can be found in the darkest of times.

24. Never change your hair under stress.

25. Tears are not weakness; they are humanity.

26. You don’t always have to like the ones you love.

27. Heroes are found in the most unlikely places.

28. Answers to life’s problems are never found on a screen of any kind.

29. Wallpaper is rarely a good idea.

30. The toughest choices are between what is right and what is easy.

31. There’s no such thing as ‘too late.’

32. Words are powerful; use them wisely.

33. Contentment is a choice.

34. “I love you” should be said easily and often.

35. Forgiveness heals the giver, not the receiver.

36. You have to stand for something, or you may fall for anything.

37. Mistakes teach you more than success.

38. Laughter is required.

39. Wrinkles are the marks of memories.

40. Prayer doesn’t change God; it changes us.

41.  Love is always greater than loss.

Always learning,

Dina Newsom



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