When You Think You Don’t Have Any Talent…..

I’m not really talented or gifted in anything.  I can’t sew (I’ve tried).  I enjoy scrap booking (though it takes me days to put together one sheet).  I love to sing (but can’t read music).  But several years ago I began a new hobby: making fleece tie blankets.  At first it was just something to do, then I began getting paid for them.  As I make them, I pray (sometimes with my kids and husband) over each knot.

Looking back through my Facebook photo album, I have made 65 blankets for people and animals!!  Right now I have material sitting near me for blankets 66 and 67!

1525506_10153621210065713_982066910_nEach of the blankets is special and all have different meanings.  I’ve made blankets for girls who are suicidal, a woman whose health was poor and close to death, for children of teenagers in my program for work, for high school classmates and dear friends.  One of my favorite blankets I’ve made is for one of my closest friends, Brenda.

1511298_10153621906140713_1465356630_nShe had no idea it was coming and I think that’s why I enjoyed giving her the gift so much!!  We sat together at dinner one night before Christmas to exchange presents.  I handed her my overly large bag and as she pulled out her blanket, she made the most adorable face ever!  I knew right then that she loved her gift!!  It had coffee cups on it, (which we love to drink together) and had been hand made by myself and my family.

Brenda is one of those people that prays for you whenever you need it.  She’s prayed with me at some of my darkest hours and I can say that I have been with her for a few of the hardest moments in her life as well.  We never take each other for granted.  We know that sometimes the conversation may be a little heavy and one sided depending on what is happening in our lives.

I never thought I had any talent or gifts.  The look in her eyes said it all that day.  God may not have given me the gift of singing, being tall or thin, but he gave me the gift of love and encouragement.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Why do I keep doubting what He has given me?

Praying over knots for you,

Carey Oswald







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