What Goes Around Comes Around

You’ve heard the saying, “what goes around comes around.”  Usually it’s uttered in a negative tone.  If you’re a jerk, your behavior will come back to haunt you.  If you’re unkind or mean, you may in turn be treated in the same manner.

That wasn’t the case for me yesterday.  Last May a co-worker retired.  She sat about four feet from me.  We had an excellent work relationship; we allowed each other to perform our individual job responsibilities with encouragement and appreciation, and, if needed, some graciously offered advice.  We were thee customer service dream team in the school media center.  We learned we were both Christians and were daily sounding boards for each other regarding families, sports (GO HUSKERS!), food recipes, TV shows, Sharp and Benning in the Morning, Mike and Mike, movies, you name it.  We shared words of wisdom with each other.  We laughed at our mistakes and always had each other’s back.  It will take quite a while to adjust to a new co-worker this school year.

When my friend retired, I gave her twelve small monthly inspirational booklets as a parting gift.   Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised at work to open up my emails and there was a message from my co-worker.  She touched base about the events in her life and ended with the inspirational message for that day from the booklet I gave her.

“Moments of happiness come and go….good fortune passes and difficult times emerge….circumstances shift from ease to hardship.  But JOY – that inner well of gratitude for life and delight in whatever blessings surround you – is a constant, lasting, and limitless source of strength.  It is a gift of God.  Reach out your hands and receive His JOY every day!”


Well, by the end of reading this email, I’m crying.  I am filled with memories of this lovely lady and our days spent as co-workers.  She was a blessing surrounding me and I miss her.  I thank God she was a part of my work day.  She was, indeed, a gift from God to me.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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