The Donald

I’m writing this blog simply because Donald Trump intrigues me.  I have no political agenda.  Should Donald Trump become the Republican party presidential nominee, I do not know that I will vote for him; I do not know that I won’t.  I do ask if you are a registered voter that you vote.  Get informed and get to the ballot box come Election Day.

The Donald is unique.  He’ s driving the media crazy.   They  just don’t know what to do with him.  He chooses not to fit into the standard media political package. He is often  politically incorrect and has the audacity not to care whom he is offending.   He probably should be taken out back the woodshed for some of the labels he uses.   He seldom follows standard campaign rules.  He won’t apologize for much; he is his own man.   He just doesn’t want nor need to fit into the status quo which the media wants to maintain and enforce.

Mr. Trump is not a god, nor is he godly; he’s not a Messiah – but this fellow sinner in our broken world is surely shaking up the political arena.

Jesus shook up the little gods (my label for the Sanhedrin) during his time on earth.  The religious leaders didn’t like the threat he was to their reign and  were intimidated by Jesus’ popularity with the masses.  One might say they had their panties in a bundle.  His popularity had them nervous; he had them scared; he had them worried.  One of my favorite “ah ha” moments is when Jesus overturned the tables in the temple.  (He’s the King of action figures.)  They didn’t like that either.  He made little effort to answer their questions.  So they crucified him hoping to get their world back on track.  Sorry guys – didn’t work for ya.  My action figure trumped all your moves.  He didn’t come from a blue state and he didn’t come from a red state.  He came from a kingdom above to save all Christians.

God bless America.


In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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