Words of wisdom from a little one

Sept2Proud nana here. I just have to share my 3-year old grandson’s words of wisdom this week. “Out of the mouths of babes,” right? The other day, we were Skyping with Ben and his 1 1/2-year old sister Lily. After the “Hi Nana! Hi Papa!” echoing rounds and chatting for a while, Papa got on. He asked Ben a question. “Ben, you’re so sweet. Why are you such a good little boy?” Not missing a beat, Ben replied, “Because I love my mommy and daddy.”

Wow. He was so quick to answer. He knew that he was a good boy and he KNEW why he tried to be good. Didn’t even stop to think about it. It was all about love.  I am thinking I would have no idea how to answer that simple question–if anyone ever asked it–back when I was 3. Who knows? I remember way more about what I did wrong as a little kid. Is that just what happens as you get older? (Okay, old?)

Well, this little question/answer got me thinking about my relationship with God. I believe My Father sees me as His “good little girl,” because He sees me as perfect through Jesus’ death on the cross. I understand that the good that I do is simply because of God’s grace and His power working through me. But I also hope and pray that if anyone were to ask me why I do good things, I would answer quickly, without thought, “Because I love Jesus.” That’s it. No other reason. No excuses. Nothing along the lines of, “I’m not good; I don’t do good things.” Just simply, “Because I love my Lord and Savior.” I want the good things I do to be pleasing to God, solely for the simple fact that I love Him.

My friends, always remember the unconditional love Jesus has for you. Let your response to that amazing love be to simply love Him back. Then, out of that love, serve Him by serving others.

God bless you!





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