Hey, you!

Beautiful Savior, Beautiful Women

Hey, you.  Yes, you there.  I’m talking to you.

You, who is spending your morning scrolling through your chosen social media site to avoid the work you don’t want to tackle.

You, who is snacking on your problems instead of confronting them.

You, who is struggling with something but too proud to ask for help for fear of looking weak.

You, who is feeling smothered by debt, or lust, or anxiety, or pain.

You, who is killing yourself slowly with over-scheduling because you are too fearful to look unwilling.

You, who is lashing out at others because you cannot find peace in yourself.

You, who is compounding lies to cover for past mistakes instead of admitting your own shortcomings.

You, who is drowning yourself trying to be an anchor for others.

You, who is breaking your fingers holding on so tightly to past grudges.

You, who is too busy criticizing…

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