Where you go, I’ll go … part 2

This week we celebrated 37 years together.

A few years ago I wrote a blog entitled, Where You go, I’ll Go. I spoke about moving “in a year.” I wrote about being faithful to God and my wedding vows, and if that included leaving town, well, so be it. Truth be told, I was not really on board. Like some other bloggers on our womenofbslc.wordpress.com site, I am going to be ruthlessly honest. Many people, especially newlyweds, look at marriage as being one happy year after another. I imagine there are some marriages like that. But I would maintain that most are not.

The last couple of years in our marriage have been very difficult. In addition to all of the challenges that come with living with someone day-to-day for 37 years, we became empty-nesters. Several minor surgeries put extra stress on our relationship, as did a high pressure job. It seemed our lives were moving in two different directions. Then this past spring, as mentioned in Where You Go, I’ll Go, my husband retired. Life changed. As did something else…

My heart. Slowly but surely, God has been working on my heart, bringing healing in the miraculous ways that He does. Somewhere along the line in the last few months, we began to talk–more than “What’s the weather supposed to be like tomorrow?” and “How are the grandkids?” When we realized the time was “now” to list our house, we found ourselves working together, helping each other. And we discovered that our individual strengths enabled us to get the job done better — together. We began to value those strengths in each other.

Now, my heart changes haven’t happened overnight. The struggles have been intense and have included personal prayer, tears, counseling, and many friends and family members praying with, and for me and my husband. I want you to know that God has heard my cries and your prayers. He has shown me patience, grace and love as I fought my way through the feelings, disappointments, heartaches and even stubbornness, wondering what I should do and where I should go.

God has been faithful, as He promised. I believe with all of my heart that He will be faithful in your circumstances, too, in His perfect timing. But be patient. Heart changes may take time. Tonight, I can say with confidence to my husband, “Where you go, I’ll go.”

God bless your coming and going as you follow His path.



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