Outside, the leaves seem to be coming down in sheets. Trees have gone from adorning themselves with vibrant color and standing stately as the wind blows to letting those same colorful leaves glide to the ground.

I adore fall. It is my most favorite time of the year; a time for savoring the sights and smells of everything around. The weather is relatively calm and cooler, and although the days are growing shorter, I feel a call to get outside and revel in God’s creation.

pexels-photoBut it always seems to go by too quickly for me. Just as I get excited about the seasonal change, it seems that it is starting to turn already. I know it’s not snowing here yet (although I see it is in the Rocky Mountains already!), but the quickly disappearing leaves from the trees is a harbinger of what is to come.  If I don’t stop and savor what is around me, I can almost miss it in the blink of an eye.

Isn’t that so much like what our lives are like as Christians? God surrounds us with beauty and blessings every day. But temptations and struggle and hardship keep my attention away from it and make it difficult to savor.

Instead of taking time to fall in love with his creation, I’m falling down on my job as a mother because I’m too distracted. Instead of counting my multiple blessings, I’m falling into the trap of thinking about what I supposedly lack.

It’s interesting to me that the word falling is one that can be used negatively – falling down – or positively – falling in love. Maybe what my focus should be on is falling into the blessings and falling away from sin.

As the leaves are falling, I am going to try to focus on some falling of my own….

  • Falling deeper in love with my Lord by digging into scripture to be reminded of his promises and goodness.
  • Falling into a routine to be more grateful for what I am given each and every day.
  • Falling into love with my spouse and children for the little things about them – the way they were created by our Creator.
  • Falling away from temptation and clinging to God.

As the leaves fall, what will you let fall to the wayside…..or fall in love with? God’s blessings on your journey to discover that.


Jen Clark

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