God Knows

It breaks my heart when I hear about challenges in a friend or family member’s lives.

When a sudden crisis brings heartache and pain.

When an illness isn’t what a friend expected.

When a diagnosis could lead to loss and challenge.

When a child isn’t following the path that her parents laid out for her.

When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, and the loss is felt acutely.

I know each and every one of us has been there, with the unique pains and heartaches that this sinful world brings. It feels isolating. It brings sadness. It brings tears.

But even in the midst of the hurt, what I was reminded of so acutely in the last few weeks was that our God knows your pain. He sees it. He feels it. And He equips us – friends and family – to help know when to intercede in prayer, raising those petitions in love.

Just a few weeks ago, I was in a quiet time, reading specifically about praying in the midst of crisis. As I was journaling I got a message from a friend…..who was in the midst of a crisis.

God is good! He was helping equip me with His word to be able to pray for this situation. And I was able to reach out to several other friends who are faithful prayer warriors who I know joined that prayer refrain as well.

While there are times we might feel alone…afraid….isolated….WE ARE NOT.

God is always there. God knows your pain. And He loves you with a love that meant He would sacrifice His own son for you….and feel a pain beyond what most of us would ever know.

And while God is always there, He is equipping brothers and sisters in the faith to be on the ready to intercede in prayer, with words of encouragement and with love.  I was ready and listening at the moment He called me a few weeks ago, but so many more moments I am too consumed with my own failings and fears and pursuits that I don’t hear His call.

If we were all tuned into our loving Father and His word, what might we hear? Who might we encourage? Who might we be able to lift in prayer today and help lighten their load?

I am praying that God opens my eyes to remind me that He knows, and wants me on this journey of relationship with Him. When my eyes are fixed on Him, my ears will be more open to hear the needs of His children around me.


  • Jen Clark

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