Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


I like to share what I’ve learned in Bible studies.  One particular lesson reflecting the different kinds of mirrors Christians may use  during their daily walk with God was very clever and educational. Sharla Fritz, author of Divine Design: 40 Days of Spiritual Makeover, deserves credit for an unusual presentation on mirrors.

A surveillance mirror is like a spy with a roving eye.  Controlling an environment gives control over others.  But get rid of this mirror.  Give all control to God.

The mirror in a woman’s purse is her designated worrier.  A quick check up every now and then will soothe worries and reassure that everything is in tip-top shape.  Put this mirror back in your purse.  Be confident and blessed knowing you were made in God’s image.

The vanity mirror does exactly what it says – feeds our vanity.  I’m looking fresh; I’m looking hot.  I am bursting with pride at my new do.  How about you eliminate that feeling of superiority and conceit?  Try humbling yourself and turn all glory to God and not to that new sweater (even if you did get it 30% off!)

Two-way mirror – HA!  The good cop-bad cop routine works wonders.  The two-way mirror pictures everything others have and prevents one from counting her own blessings.  Instead of comparing ourselves to others we rejoice that God has our backs and loves us just the way we are with warts, sins and imperfections.

A parabolic mirror is the complex mirror found in telescopes.  Total pinpoint focus on an object is its major purpose.  When we pinpoint on ourselves, focus turns to selfishness and the lack of service to God.  Cast off self-centeredness and strive to focus on others.

A smoked mirror will distort an image reflecting a dark or streaked appearance. Bitterness and anger are the dark, dreary emotions that often envelop us.  Shake them off and wear God’s grace.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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