Shrimp etouffe. Fried oysters. Shrimp cocktail. Beignets. Shrimp and grits. Pralines.

Oh. My. Goodness.

IMG_1149I’ve been in New Orleans this week for a conference related to work, and I’m not sure that I’ve ever eaten more wonderful, savory food.  The food available never seems to stop, and it has been fabulous. I’ve been told from others that these are “out of state” calories, so they don’t really count. J

During the meetings, there were full breakfasts. And then snacks. And then lunch. And when it was all done, receptions. And wait – I need to go to the wonderful open air Café du Monde to get some light and airy beignets.

I kept asking myself if I was even hungry.  Honestly, many times I couldn’t honestly say that I felt hungry; most of the time I ate because it just looked good (and everyone else was doing it). Was it worth it? Well, my stomach was certainly happily full (if not inspiring me for the need to get in an extra workout or four every single day).

With the prospect of a big breakfast coming this morning, I sat down with just a cup of coffee in my hotel room to read scripture this morning. I opened up to Matthew 5 and the Beatitudes, reading in the Message translation. One verse stuck out very clearly to me.

“You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat.” – Matthew 5:6

Here I was, having what I thought were the best meals of my life in New Orleans, when I’m reminded that this insatiable appetite I have seem to had the last few days is awfully misplaced.

My “appetite” for time with my God is sadly way too limited. I find time to indulge in his goodness most often in the morning, but I’m guilty of essentially going on a fast during the rest of my day.

Instead of bingeing on God’s word, I have been gorging on things of this world. What does that get me? Less of a relationship with God and bigger numbers on the scale.

What if our hunger and appetite for God’s word and his presence in his life surpassed our craving for our most favorite foods?

What if we dug into God’s word and spent time in prayer with the voracity of a starving woman, desperate for food?

What if I treated God’s word as a sumptuous meal, instead of a fast food snack?

As I prepare to head home, I’m convicted that I need to take my focus off the temporal food that he’s provided and step up to the banquet of his presence. And what a feast that will be!

Hungry for Him,

Jen Clark






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