Happy Thanksgiving! written for college newspaper back in 1975


November 25, 1975.  The calendar was offering no delay.  Tom had spent the last 10 days on death row.  Separated from his family by steel bars, he felt a stranger to his environment.  Alone he contemplated suicide – a fate no worse than death executed by others.

Sentence was pronounced November 15, 1975.  Tom was found guilty of gross gluttony.

The days passed too quickly.  Solitary confinement offered only some compensation – a chance to review his past, to think back on that fateful day in history.  Tom wondered why he hadn’t stayed in bed that awful day.  Yet this Sunday nap was meant to be disturbed. The activity outside his room prompted investigation.  Noises, shouts and tempers flaring woke him from his final leisurely Sunday rest.

Once outside Tom found himself pursued and chased.  The mob had struck.  His mother had warned him about “those kind”.  As in a dream, Tom scrambled back and forth only to be captured by his pursuers.  He cringed as his kidnapper shouted, “Hold it men!  This one suits our purpose just fine.”

November 27, 1975.  A naked bird, Tom now lies about to be stuffed.

Tom Turkey, Sr. was preceded in death by 13 wives, 97 brothers and numerous children.  He leaves to mourn his departure his son, Tom Turkey, Jr, his mother Tillie Turkey and You Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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