Thanksgiving Thoughts

Ah. A week ago I was looking forward to seeing my sisters. This year I wouldn’t have to travel far; just a hop, skip and a jump to Elkhorn, my nephew’s new home. This is a favorite time of mine; a day about giving thanks, family, friends and food.


And then the weather hit. My sisters could not come due to the ice and snow. My heart deflated, but honestly would I want them traveling in questionable road conditions? No, still I was a bit sad and then God tapped me on the shoulder with blessings that I may not have experienced. Without my sisters I had time to visit and listen to Shirley (Nana) the 94 year old grandmother/great-grandmother who shared a rice casserole recipe with me. I talked a length with my older brother and my sister-in-law about their upcoming retirement and the plans they were making. I traded conversations with three other beautiful women about jobs, families, seasons of loss, seasons of growth.

In short I learned the blessings of tuning my ears to the joys and heartaches of others. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of a home – children racing around – voices debating a football play – laughter of a shared joke – several cooks fussing over fragrant dishes that covered the kitchen island. I smelled roasting turkey, sage, cranberries and oranges. I observed other sisters trading recipes and techniques of green bean casseroles, the perfect dressing, while they relived memories of earlier Thanksgiving Days, all the while nodding in agreement. I watched smiles over cups of coffee and bites of pie.

God showed me a family full of love and life. Wow Lord another new experience. My eyes teared and I said a prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you Lord. I am blessed.

Wishing you blessings and memories as we enter Advent and preparing of our hearts for Jesus.



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