Listen To Your GPS

I come to you today while on medication for a ruptured eardrum. I’m in a ton of pain but know that I need to write as it’s a form of therapy for me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did typing it 🙂

Have you ever hated your GPS? For instance, the sound of the voice telling you “in 400 feet make a u-turn” because you missed your exit? How about when it tells you where to go and you decide not to listen?

That happened to me last week. I was driving to my very first rheumatology appointment. In case you haven’t read  my blogs before today, I have Fibromyalgia and after a rough few weeks (read my last blog here) I was thankful for the chance to see a new physician.

In Omaha, it takes about 20-25 minutes to get most places. That morning, I left 45 minutes early as I would be driving through rush hour traffic. I turned on my handy dandy map option on my phone, plugged in the address and was on my way. The cute little voice (I call her Lola) told me that I may want to take another route as there would be a 13 minute delay to get to my destination. Well I did what many people might do, I ignored Lola. I rolled my eyes and went the way I thought would be best because I knew the surrounding area of my appointment but needed exact help getting there.

As I got closer to getting on the interstate I noticed traffic backing up, so I went down a different street to try and get on. I increased my speed and as I turned up my music I noticed brake lights and knew I had to do something quick. I got off at the next exit thinking I was pretty sly, it appears everyone thought they were smart too. Traffic was backed up even on the side streets.

A trip that was supposed to only take me 20-25 minutes, ended up taking over 40 and I was 3 minutes late to my appointment!! Why didn’t I listen to Lola?

I knew what I needed to write about today, as soon as I parked my vehicle that day. How many times in my life have I decided that I want to do things MY way instead of God’s. When was the last time I listened to His nudges and went down the path that He has laid out for me? What about the quick exits off of the path to only later merge back on it feeling defeated and worn? When will I quick skipping over my daily Bible readings because I put too many things in front of my relationship with Him?

God knows the plan, He’s written it for each of us. Why don’t we open the “map,” read the passages and just listen?

I don’t know about you, but just when I think I don’t need to talk to God as much because I have it “all together,” I’m reminded of how much more I need my Father than ever.

Don’t let a day pass you by without opening your map and just listening.

Riding along with you,

Carey Oswald




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