Christmas Is Giving



One morning while clocking in a co-worker and I started talking about work.  She shared she wasn’t having the greatest week and it had all started on Monday.  A teacher had asked her if she had taken a Pop-Tart from her cupboard.  I was puzzled and so she repeated herself.

I asked if she took the Pop-Tart for a student.  She made it quite clear she had not taken the Pop-Tart.  She made it a point to stay away from the teacher the rest of the work day and inwardly fumed about the accusation.

Monday evenings she goes to church.  She shared she was more than ready to go reflect on her day and talk with God about how to deal with the situation.  As she sat in the pew, she reflected on the many accusations hurled at Jesus.  He, too, was innocent.

Jesus chose to react to harsh words by giving Himself to save the world.  Her Savior set the ultimate example.  She came to work Tuesday morning with a brand new box of unopened Pop-Tarts.

I’m not sure I could be this gracious, this forgiving, this kind.


WWJD? bracelets were popular years ago.  My co-worker didn’t need a bracelet to guide her.  She simply sat in a pew and communicated with God.  She chose humility.  Who or what will be your inspiration this Christmas season?

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank





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