I Hate…..


I hate ……..

Those are such strong words.   Words I try not to use even when talking about brussel sprouts, liver, and especial not people.   Although there may be people I “strongly” dislike… hate is a too harsh word.

The world is full with hate.   There is racial hatred, religious hatred, family and friend hatred.   It saddens me every night to turn on the local or national news and hear the hate crimes and action happening.

I ask myself why has our world turned into such a nasty place.   What lays heavy on my heart is how can I make a difference to take away some of the hate.

I can’t change history, or current events.    I can only make the events better in the lives of the people I touch and come in contact with.   I would like to think the little things I’ve recently done have helped wipe out some of “hate” in the world.

-There was the elderly lady at the grocery store struggling to walk in the door and then only to stop and sigh when all the grocery carts were at the other end of cart rack.   Taking the time to pull a cart from the rack and giving it to her rather than just walking by took only seconds for me yet she gave me a big smile and “bless you “in return.

-The same night there was the elderly man walking with a cane and trying to carry a basket and package of toilet paper.   The first time I asked if I could help him he said no.   Then I saw him in the entry way of the store sitting on a bench with his groceries on the floor.   I took my groceries to my car.   I went to get in the car and then turned around.   I went back into the store and told the gentleman I would like to help carry his groceries to his car for him.   He stood up, I took his groceries in one hand and offered my other arm to assist him in walking to his car.   Again, the response I got was “Thank you, I hope your day is blessed as you have blessed mine.”

-The joy of going Christmas shopping for clothes for a family that I do not know yet have reached out for assistance.   God has blessed me with the means to be able to make these purchases.

-The fun it was to buy PJ with my sisters on Black Friday for the PJ drive at the preschool.

-Sharing encouraging words with the couple who had small children at the restaurant Marty and I were eating at.   After our meal I walked over to their table and just told them their kids were behaving so well during dinner.  My comment was returned with big smiles and a thank you.

The above things are simple, didn’t take a lot of effort, not much time but meant a lot to the person receiving the act of kindness.   If only all of us would just do one more act of kindness daily rather than doing nothing, maybe a little of the bad of the world would turn into a positive.

The Bible reminds us in several verses to be kind to one another.  Ephesians 4:32 says “Be kind and compassionate to one another…”

Today I challenge you…step out of your comfort zone… make a difference in a strangers life by doing or saying an act of kindness.  We may not be able to remove the hatred in our world but we can make one heart softer with a simple act of kindness.

Have a blessed day.   Thank God for He is good!



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